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If your passport expires BEFORE or DURING your stay in Mexico then you MUST renew your passport BEFORE your trip to Mexico. If your passport will expire SHORTLY AFTER your trip to Mexico, then please contact your airline and find out if they will allow you to fly to Mexico with your passport. Each airline has their own INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL policies and they may not allow you to fly to Mexico with your expiring passport.

If your passport is from a country that requires a VISA to visit Mexico, please contact your nearest Mexican Consulate. Below is a link to Mexican Consulates around the world.

Mexican consulates around the world

If you have a very special situation, for example, you have been convicted of a crime, have some sort of special immigration status in your country of origin, etc. then please contact the Immigration Office at Cancun Airport. Please be aware that the Immigration Office DOES NOT respond to messages regarding visas, expired passports, passengers in transit, etc., and may not respond to your message/call, in this situation, we recommend you contact your nearest Mexican Consulate at the link above. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL YOU GET TO MEXICO to find out if you are allowed to visit. YOU MUST find out about your situation BEFORE you arrive in Mexico.

Cancun Airport Immigration Offices
Direct Line +52 998 886 0801 or +52 555 387 2400
INA Mexico - [email protected]


The TOURIST CARD is a document that you MUST fill out and present it to the Immigration Officer upon your arrival to Mexico. The Tourist Card is in ADDITION to your VALID PASSPORT and Mexican Visa, if you are from a country that requires a visa.

There are TWO ways you can fill out the MEXICAN TOURIST CARD:

  1. MANUALLY - You can fill out the form MANUALLY upon your arrival to Mexico. This is recommended for people that have a special immigration status or their passports are expiring within 6 months, etc. ALL airports in Mexico have “blank” Tourist Cards available upon your arrival. This process is the “slowest” as you have to fill out ONE form per PASSENGER and the Immigration Officer will have to “type in” all your information into the computer.
  2. ONLINE - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED if you want to go through the Immigration Process quickly. You can fill out the MEXICAN TOURIST CARD in the comfort of your home and PRINT it before your trip to Mexico. This process is A LOT FASTER as your information is ALREADY in the system and the Immigration Officer just needs to SCAN your barcode to process your Mexican Tourist Card. You can fill out your MEXICAN TOURIST CARD ONLINE here.

As mentioned above, to avoid any delays or to make sure you ARE NOT denied entry into Mexico, please make sure you have all the documentation required prior to your arrival. The ENTRY process is very easy, straight forward, and fast when you have all the required documents.