Important Information Regarding Arrivals in Cancun

There is exciting news coming out of the Cancun International Airport regarding the elimination of FMMs for tourists entering Mexico.

The FMM form (also known in English as the Multiple Migratory Form) is the form that tourists have always had to complete to provide to the agent upon arrival. The form was provided prior to arrival at times from agents at the departing gate at your country of origin, or at other times upon arrival in Cancun. This was a very cumbersome situation as everyone had to fill out a form to get through Customs. In more recent times this document became available online for travelers to complete in their homes so they could carry the paperwork with them to Cancun. Clearly, this was a better time-saving system for everyone but still not perfect.

However, through a new pilot program being offered at Cancun International Airport, the use of FMMs will be eliminated and in its place, the traveler will receive a stamp in their passport showing their arrival in Cancun. This stamp will be valid for up to a 180-day stay.

The expected results of this pilot program are that travelers will move more quickly through the airport, providing the guest with a faster exit from the terminal so they can be on their way to their destination. However, there are some rules that still exist:

  • Travelers must have a valid and current passport or a passport card to enter the country. This passport will be stamped. You will need to show this stamp when you depart from the airport.
  • “Passport Cards” can only be used for land border crossing and are not permitted for international air travel into the country.

Of course, there are a few situations that we don’t want to forget to mention.

  • Travelers from Honduras, Haiti, El Salvador, Venezuela, and Brazil will not be issued 180-day stays
  • Those arriving with student and/or work visas will have to compile the FMM prior to entering the country.

Cancun Airport is not the only airport in this pilot program. In addition to Cancun, the following airports are also included:

  • AIFA of Santa Lucia
  • Guadalajara
  • Puerto Vallarta
  • San Jose del Cabo